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15 Feb 2019

The Khristos Mansions

The Khristos Mansions is a collection of ten exquisitely built residential mansions designed in a timeless and contemporary motif, equipped with modern niceties and state-of-the-art facilities. Being the first of Cadwell’s ‘Lifecycle Assets’ powered by the LET (Live, Earn and Transfer) concept, Khristos Mansions offers homeowners convertibles homes, availing potential owners the prospect to LIVE in their homes, EARN from the multiple function of their homes. The Khristos Mansions by virtue of her sheer and multi-functionality is the ideal asset […]

02 Mar 2015

Our Fittings

Our edge rests on the best in classic to modern architectural significance with a touch of renaissance, art décor, superb finishing and uncommon features. Every Estate has been styled with meticulous attention to detail and constructed to the highest standards, with the vast use of natural lime stones, brick cladding and adorned with crushed marble balustrades. Our unique designs communicate a semi provincial flavor, emerging from ultra-cutting edge fittings in a manner that translates and render valid for those with […]

06 Jul 2012


Each flat has a palette of tones and textures that create an enduring beauty that provides a calm and refreshing space to live in. Hardwood Parquet, marble and limestone are just some of the carefully selected materials handpicked for their quality and provenance which are skilfully combined with exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. A domain where every bit of furniture structures an astounding setting, an after effect of the CADWELL style: from the decorations to the lights, every room […]